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Keep Everyone in the Know

By using the features of Pace Scheduler, you are painting a gradually more complete picture of what's happening at your department. Once you've done the work of adding people's schedules and beat & inventory assignments, we have a few features tailored to managing a day at a time.

Daily Shifts

On the home page of the applications, admins and users alike can see everything that has been planned for the day at a glance. Everyone's start and end times, beat/post & and inventory assignments, as well as any notes for that day are all clearly displayed.

This page is also exportable into a sign-in sheet PDF format.

SMS & Email Message Blasts

Our Message Blast feature allows you to target any individual or group of employee(s) at your department. You can choose to send the message as an email or a text message that will automatically go out to all of them.

You can also set up templates for messages that you send frequently, and each message sent is tracked for you to then get an audit log.

Employee Tailored Info

Each person at your department can also get to their personalized schedule with their shifts, beats and inventory assignments. They also have access to their benefit time banks and payroll time sheets.

Coming soon: Google Calendar export, Mobile App access.

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Back to Home Scheduling Features

Calendar vs. Grid

Display and manage your schedule in a spreadsheet-like grid, or a typical monthly calendar. Completely customizable codes to label your shifts, overtimes and time offs.

Each format comes with its share of goodies, like typing directly into the grid or drag-n-drop shift changes on the calendar page. We will help you choose the one that suits your department best!

Permanent Shifts & Rotations

We can create your day on/off rotations and use those quickly generate an entire year's schedule for each person. This makes day-off-groups easy to manage and scheduling an entire squad a few clicks away.

Guided by minimum staffing rules, you can easily create your squads and their shifts.

Online Request & Approval

The biggest time saver the Pace Scheduler will bring to your department is without question our online request tooltip. Designed to streamline the employee process of requesting Overtime, Time Off, Special Assignments or extra shifts.

Requests are automatically sent to the correct supervisors, with our supervisor configuration system. This can tailor who is allowed to approve or reject as well as who is notified of the request.

Once a supervisor makes a decision on the request, the requesting employee is notified of that choice, and any updates needed on the schedule are automatically enacted.

Availability Collection & Generator

For part-timers, collect availabilities online. Once collected, you can export these to excel to keep handy in case of changes. These availabilities can also feed directly into our Schedule Generator which, paired with your minimum staffing requirements, will attempt to fill your spots based on everyone's availability.

Can be position-specific and only for a section of your department. Permanent shifts can be hard-coded for the generator to ignore or build around.

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Features Overview Features Beyond Scheduling

Manage more than your schedule!

A few extra features beyond scheduling are available to you on the Pace Scheduler to help you manage inventory, benefit time and beat assignments. These are included at no extra cost and are easy to enable/disable following your needs.

Benefit Time & Accruals

Set up your time banks to automatically accrue according to your union contracts with employee-specific rates.

Overtimes can also be set up to automatically deposit time earned into a Comp Time bank, and Time Off types to automatically withdraw from any bank when time is being used.

Beat/Post Assignments

With a schedule in place, Pace Scheduler allows you to assign those resources (your valued employees) to the posts/beats/areas where they will work.

Our assignments tab is modeled after a supervisor's roll call process, showing you the people available for assignment on any particular day or shift.

It also can serve as the place where you assign those same employees certain assets like squad cars, keys, rifles, AED devices, etc.. the more you track here, the more our reporting shines.

Inventory Management

Track every piece of inventory that you wish to get a usage report on. This report includes who it was assigned to, when, and what beat they took it on.

As with the other features on this page, this is yet another item that completes the picture of what goes on at your department.

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Scheduling Features Reporting Features

Tailored Reporting

As we said before, by using the features of Pace Scheduler, you are painting a gradually more complete picture of what's happening at your department. Pace Scheduler makes it easy to translate this picture into the reports you need for payroll and better understanding your department.
All are exportable to Excel, some to PDF.

Live Hours Report

Our Hours Report brings you an accurate totaling of hours, specific to the minute for each employee. Each item tracked on the schedule gets its own column making it easy for you to see where time is spent.

As soon as a change is made to the schedule, the reports are updated. Each time you generate the report, Pace Scheduler uses your latest schedule data to tally up the hours.

Payroll Reports & Time Sheets

This report is there to represent a single pay-period for each employee. The employees have access to their own payroll report. This can be exported to PDF and Excel.

Administators also have access to exporting the entire department at once in this format come time to close the pay-period.

Shift Changes Audit Trail

As changes are made to the schedule, all are captured in this Shift Change report. It serves as an audit trail and can easily be filtered to show only what you want to see.

Check how often people are making requests for sick time, see who approved a change to the schedule, and any comments surrounding the change.

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Features Beyond Scheduling Stellar Support

We are here for you!

The Pace Scheduler team is there to assist when you need. We have an open email line of communication with all our clients and are available by phone as well.

Improvements and new features added to the platform usually come from client feedback. We are always curious in your ideas on how to make a process simpler, and are quick to make changes or additions to our platform.

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